Diversity Quiz

Diversity Quiz
Likert Scale
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1) I avoid having a photo of my significant other on my desk, for fear that I may be denied a promotion, be beaten up, or judged because of it.
2) People have assumed that I got my job by affirmative action, therefore I must work twice as hard to prove I am qualified.
3) I have trouble finding mentors of my same race at work.
4) I have a difficult time buying pictures, postcards, or greeting cards featuring people of my race.
5) I have never had money in my wallet featuring people of my same race.
6) I have been told not to cry or to suck it up when I was upset.
7) I have had “the talk” with my children or my parents had “the talk” with me about how to act or how to stay alive if ever stopped by the police.
8) Someone has asked me to explain a holiday I celebrate.
9) I have been ignored in a meeting when I offered an idea, and no one else has ever taken credit for my idea after I first brought it up.
10) I must routinely request time off, because of the “non-traditional” holidays I celebrate.
11) I have had to leave a facility and unable to gain access, because of the physical limitations of that facility (no elevators, no ramps, or because the doors were not wide enough).
12) A stranger or someone I know has asked to touch my hair.
13) I have clutched my purse, gotten off an elevator, or locked my doors when I saw a black man coming.
14) I have crossed the street when I saw a black man approaching on a dimly lit street.
I don’t feel safe walking at night on dimly lit streets.
15) I have never said that I don’t see color or race.
16) I have at least one close friend of a different race.
I live in constant fear that when I use a public restroom I might be beaten up or harassed.